Hi. I’m Tracey, I Live in East Yorkshire and am an avid reader and advocate on Netgalley and have recently been accepted as a reviewer for Bookbridgr too. This blog is mainly for my book reviews but who knows, I may well pop some other little gem in to keep my readers on their toes. I am a bit of a giggler and things ” happen” to me, so watch this space!!!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tracey
    I was at Cassandra’s event on Tuesday and wanted to introduce my myself to you. But when I looked around you had left, so I asked her for your details – I hope you don’t mind. My fault, I was gassing.
    I have recently published my first book, Those That Remain, on Amazon. It is a gritty crime novel and the first book in the Mechanic trilogy. Cassandra is reading it at the moment which is a scary thought!
    I am new to the world of books and have been fortunate enough to meet some truly inspirational people in our local area. So, in the absence of shaking your hand this week I thought I’d drop you an introductory ‘hello’.

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