The 80’s Annual by Sarah Lewis

#BOOK #REVIEW Been a teenager back in the 1980’s and seeing this Annual written by @MyEighties really brought back some fabulous memories for me and I am positive it will for everyone else too. 

I smiled through every page and loved the interviews with bands I had totally forgotten about. 

Who remembers “The Selecter”? I certainly remember dancing around in my friends parents kitchen to “On My Radio” and here we get to know just what they are up to nowadays as well as other interviews with various singers throughout this wonderful pick and mix book of delightfulness of the 80’s.

The layout of this Annual reminds me of my favourite comic “Look-In” its fun, funky and has snippets of all interesting things.

I loved the crosswords & wordsearches too and also looking at the dodgy haircuts in the photographs. There were reminders of TV shows too and also News articles of the time.

I just had to have a go at the pop quiz “Which 80’s Band Are You”?

Turns out I am “Motorhead” That’ll do for me. 

There is even a photo story which made me smile as these were the highlight of my week in magazines like “My Guy”

This is an ideal book for anyone who adores the 1980’s as much as I do.There are so many memories in this book its going to fly off the shelves and make lots of people very happy.

I rate this book 5/5


A full-colour retrospective of the year, with more than a nod to the teenage magazines of the era, The 80’s Annual embodies the excitement felt by the generation who grew up receiving an annual at Christmas. 

Featuring celebrity commentary on 80’s popular culture, 20 Question interviews, Top Tens, with contributions from Bruce Foxton, The Selecter, Johnny Hates Jazz, Musical Youth, Londonbeat, Then Jerico, Phil Fearon, Brother Beyond, Modern Romance, John Parr, Paul Hardcastle, Hazell Dean, Steve Blacknell, Garry Bushell, Matthew Rudd and more. Not forgetting the obligatory cheesy photo story, 80’s fiction, crosswords, puzzles, and quizzes including Lyrically Challenged, Pop Quiz and Which 80’s Group Are You? The 80’s Annual offers the perfect combination of nostalgia and new. A great read for every adult 80’s child.Going back to the 80s has never been so much fun!


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