The Dream I Have Had For Years

I have had a dream for a very long time of actually having my get own Reading Shed. I know exactly how I’d like too.

The decoration on the inside would be very much like a beach hut, with pastel colours adorning the walls of pink, blue, lemon or mint, with various pictures and bunting and loveliness.

I would have lovely squishy cushions on my comfy chair, and I funky little table for my copious amounts of coffee and books!!

My late Mum used to love reading in the garden and I know she would be smiling down on me as I sat in my little den amongst my books. Dad was a big reader too, and from 1937 to 1969 he served in the Merchant Navy so to have something ” Nautical” in my Reading Shed, really is a must.

He used to sing a song, he had a lovely voice ( he used to sing in a church choir as a young boy) the song was ” Red Sails In The Sunset” maybe I could get this made into a canvas for my little nook.

My home is in no way chintzy and I am not really a frilly girly girl, but the Shed really is my dream and who knows, one day, it may happen. I somehow doubt it very much as they cost an absolute fortune, but my dream has been in my head and heart for many years and it is certainly not going to leave me soon.