Unbreakable: 50 Goals in 39 Games, Wayne Gretzky and the Story of Hockey’s Greatest Record by Todd Denault & Mike Brophy

When the lovely Canadian Publishers @RandomHouseCA gave me the opportunity to review #Unbreakable a story of #IceHockey, I was over the moon @ToddDenault & @HockeyBroph had put together this book.


Its a really interesting read for all ice hockey fans, young and old. There are some great stories too of players names you are guaranteed to recognise. If you love Ice Hockey this book is for you.

I rate this book 5/5

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My First Book of Hockey A Rookie Book by Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids

The lovely @timeincbooks kindly gave me the opportunity to #review this #icehockey book for beginners, I saw it over on @NetGalley and as I’ve been a fan of the sport for well over 25 years, I just had to request it.

Although its obviously for children, this would be an ideal book for anyone just getting into watching the game too. It is well illustrated and explains things in easy to understand terms which even some of my stalwart hockey friends may learn a thing or two of which they didn’t know!

I think every ice arena should have copies of this book, especially over here in England. It would maybe help to get more people interested in the sport instead of it been classed as a minority sport.

I rate this book 5/5


Hockey Karma by Howard Shapiro

Thanks to @hockeyplayer @Animal_Media & @Netgalley for  the privilege of reviewing this upcoming #IceHockey comic/ young adult book 

As a Ice Hockey follower for over 25 years, when I saw this book I just knew I had to review it for my British friends intersted in the game. I know for a fact that the young adults will love it. 

Its full of grit and determination and apparently the third in a trilogy of a series. The illustrations are fantastic, I wish I had accepted the offer of having the actual book sent to me instead of the file if I am honest. This is a book that has a great storyline which teenagers will really love

I rate this book 5/5

Publication date is 1st November 2016


The highly anticipated sequel to the award winning “The Hockey Saint” taking place ten years after “Saint” ends. The legendary Jeremiah “Jake” Jacobson, now thirty two, has been the world’s best hockey player over his fourteen year career because of his out of this world talent level and his smart play. But he can’t stay on top forever, and when he starts making mistakes on the ice, his career and family life start to crumble.

At the same time, Tom Leonard, his agent and best friend, is completely overwhelmed by a project that he and Jake were supposed to be working on together. A project that could have a huge impact on people throughout their city in need of a helping hand. As Jake sinks deeper into a funk over his lost status due to his deteriorating play and the emergence of teammate and rookie phenom Barclay Pedersen, Tom realizes he’s on his own. At the same time he rediscovers someone from his past who he never thought he’d see again. In that burgeoning relationship, Tom discovers the importance of taking chances and starts to believe in himself.

Can Jake break out of his downward spiral and Tom finally find the courage to step out of Jake’s shadow?