Oh….How I’ve Missed You All

#BookPublishers #Authors #Writers

As you may or may not have noticed, my reviewing has stood still for some time. Basically I can only now review Paperbacks.

It’s odd that when I had my kindle I seemed to whizz through books at a rate of Knots, but now when I decide to pick up a “real book” it takes me longer to digest each page.

Having to try to find a nice bookmark has been hard too. If I’m reading a book I never bend the spine back or the pages, that’s just not right!

So, I always like to mark my page with a bookmark. I’m still using a cardboard one I’ve had for years which is magnetic but feel if I have a new book then a second hand bookmark is like wearing a brand new outfit with a tatty pair of slippers, yup I’m an odd one!

Anyway, I’m back… I’m Blogging and more importantly I shall be reviewing books again. So if any publishers or authors out there would like me to take a look at their upcoming book then please do get in touch, you can see the genre’s I like by my posts. They are True British Crime, Biographies,Fiction, Chick Lit, Thrillers, quite a wide range don’t you think..

I do always leave reviews on Amazon UK and .Com and also Goodreads and every social network there is, nowhere is safe once I start.

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