Between Sisters by Cathy Kelly

When the lovely @orionbooks said I could #review @cathykellybooks upcoming book, I was tickled pink as I have been a fan for years and adore her work, #BetweenSisters is yet another masterpiece.

Cathy has tackled some difficult issues really well in this book and I love the Irish charm, drama, romance and very thought provoking.

I rate this book 5/5

Publication Date is 20th October 2016


Sisters Cassie and Coco have been there for each other every since their mother disappeared when they were children.

Responsible Cassie spends every moment trying to be perfect wife and mum, but can’t help feeling she’s getting it all wrong.

Commitment-phobic Coco adores running her vintage dress shop – but since a disastrous break-up, her love life’s become an antique.

Their lives are full to the brim – so why do they both feel that something is missing? As the sisters try to find their way to lasting happiness, fate has a few surprises in store as the past makes a sudden appearance in the present . . .

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Cathy’s Website


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