200 And Counting

I’m a #BookReviewer I love #Reading #Books. Last month I noticed a new badge on my @NetGalley account saying I had reviewed 100 books. I am thinking it must have been well over that as this morning I have logged on to find a BLOGTASTIC NEW BADGE!!!!!

Yes, that’s right. I have now reviewed 200 new and upcoming books on Netgalley since joining in 2014

Been a book reviewer and blogger is no easy task. I read the book, take notes, write a review, blog about it, find associated links. A hell of a lot goes on. And all for free ( Well in my case anyway)

So to receive something as tiny as a little badge to put on my blog for publishers and writers to see, really makes me feel my time is taken up doing something good.

Then after Publication day to go to Amazon to review the book on their too is a must. 

Reading makes me happy, I can get away from everyday life. I can get engrossed in a book and not come up for air until it is read.

That’s just little old me. 


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