Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop

I received this little taster from @headlinepg from over on @Netgalley. Its written by @VicHislop who’s books I have devoured before and this one really looks as if it is going to be another bestseller. I love the pictures too which get you even more absorbed into the story. Yes, another number one in my eyes. 

I rate this book 5/5


Week after week, the postcards arrive, addressed to a name Ellie does not know, with no return address, each signed with an initial: A.

With their bright skies, blue seas and alluring images of Greece, thesecartes postales brighten her life. After six months, to her disappointment, they cease. But the montage she has created on the wall of her flat has cast a spell. She must see this country for herself.

On the morning Ellie leaves, a notebook arrives. Its pages tell the story of a man’s odyssey through Greece. Moving, surprising and sometimes dark, A‘s tale unfolds with the discovery not only of a culture but also of a desire to live life to the full once more.

Publication Date 22nd September 2016

Available Editions


Victoria’s Website

Pre Order on Amazon 


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