Snap Cackle & Pop by Carol Kearney

Thank You so much @WallacePublish for making my day, week, month, year with this laugh out loud book by the wonderfully talented Carol Kearney 💞💞

When I first saw the cover I thought to myself ” oooh this looks like my childhood” when I read the contents I realised I was just that little bit younger than the main character so could really associate with lots if things she mentioned.

I howled with laughter, tears ran down my face. This is such a wonderful book which everyone really should read. It really is hilarious and the characters all larger than life. 

This book is most certainly a winner and one which should be sent to grumpy people to help them liven up a bit.💜 

I rate this book 5/5

Snap, Cackle and Pop introduces us to Cathy, a 54-year-old woman who has everything her heart desires. A big house, a new car and a husband who adores her. But what does Cathy do when the life she knows and loves is destroyed in eight minutes? Thrown into turmoil, Cathy has no choice but to go back home to live with her elderly parents, Stan and Joan. There she finds herself back in her old bedroom with the poster of Donny Osmond still tacked to the wall and a glitter ball still hanging from the ceiling. Warm, funny and compelling, Snap, Cackle and Pop is about surviving whatever life throws at you. Even when your own mother’s advice is “Cheer up Cathy. The worst is yet to come”….
Purchase the book here >>


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