Cloudy With a Chance of Love by Fiona Collins

I received this book through @NetGalley from @UKCarina by @FionaJaneBooks and boy was I chuffed to bits to get it to read. 

This was a lighthearted funny beach read which had me not minding sand been kicked into my cornetto, as I was really engrossed in the storyline and nothing was dragging me away from this well written oh so funny book.

Its available to purchase now and a must have holiday read

Publication Date 21st July 2016

I rate this book 10/10


Every cloud has a silver lining when it comes to love…

Daryl Williams never minded the fact that she had a big bottom. It’s always been behind her. In fact, it was one of the things that her husband loved about her. Until he ran off with her best friend, Gabby.

Daryl knows that she needs to get back in the dating game, she just doesn’t know how. So when her friend suggests taking a fortune forecast, she reluctantly agrees. And it looks like Daryl’s luck is in, by Friday she has a 99% chance of falling in love!

Only, even when it’s written in the stars, finding the one after the one is never easy…


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