Friends Like Us by Siân O’Gorman

Once again I must thank the lovely people at @Aria_Fiction for allowing me to review another of their books from @NetGalley and to @msogorman of course xxx

This was a very lighthearted chick lit book. Enjoyable, with nice characters. An easy read too. I liked it, I felt I knew the characters and this book was one of this books that gave me a little smile. 

All in all, very enjoyable.

I give it 9/10


Is it ever too late to take charge and live your life on your terms?

Life for school friends, Melissa, Steph and Eilis, hasn’t quite worked out the way they once imagined it might. 
Melissa may be professionally successful but inside she’s a mess of insecurities. Steph is lonely and lost, balancing the fragile threads of family life and walking on eggshells around her philandering husband and angry teenage daughter. 
Finally, Eilis, a hardworking A&E doctor, utterly exhausted by the daily pressures of work and going through the motions with her long-term partner Rob. 
It’s crunch time for all the friends…

A light-hearted and emotional novel about family, friendship and coming to terms with your past. Perfect for fans of Marian Keyes and Amanda Prowse.


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