Messing about on my laptop

Today i am having a go at blogging using my new laptop. I say new, My partner bought it for me for my birthday in February but to be honest I have been scared to use it as it is Windows 10 and a completely different set up to my last laptop which died well over a year ago.


I have been using my tablet for absolutely everything and it really has served its purpose but feel i really must try to suss out this new set up on my new machine.

I have been trying to see how my blog looks on a “full size” screen too and if there is anything else i can do to try to “get out there”.

I had another blog years ago using Blogger and adored messing with themes, gadgets, widgets etc and had many followers. That blog helped me a great deal when i was very ill.

Now though, its a new me, a new life and a Cancer Free me so lets just see if i can make a go of this ‘ere blog as i did my last one shall we?

I also discovered that when i joined Bloglovin recently that there is another piece to fill in which didnt show whilst using my tablet. Apparantly i need to “Activate” again. EEEE its all happening in Laptop land.

I tried to add a “Bloglovin” widget to my Blog, but apparantly its not compatible with WordPress so how on earth am i meant to let any followers on here know i am over there? AARRGGHHHH

My brain is now frazzled, I feel the need for more coffee before i make tea and sit down to read my tablet which is jammed with lots of exciting new and soon to be released books for me to get my shiny peepers into.

Have a great weekend everyone

Lots of love from me xxx

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