The St Tropez Lonely Hearts Club by Joan Collins


Thanks to @netgalley and @LittleBrownUK for allowing me to review

I tried to get into it, I really did. But I really wasn’t enjoying it one bit so ended up just putting it down. This wasn’t for me but
someone out there may have different opinions

Sun. Sin. Sex. Scandal – St. Tropez! For the rich and famous, it’s not always fun in the sun… 

Having recently ended an abusive marriage, the beautiful and filthy rich Contessa Carlotta di Ponti looks to find true love on the beautiful French beaches of the Côte d’Azur. And what better place to find love than the playground of the wealthy and beautiful, the exquisite enclave of St. Tropez. 

With the annual party season kicking into high gear at billionaire Harry Silver’s palatial mansion, tragedy soon strikes paradise. Among the high fashion, nude sunbathing and heavy drinking a bad oyster, a fatal wasp sting, and a faulty cliff railway have changed the mood of the party-goers. Death is in the air and these appear to be no accidents. Is there something far more sinister coming down upon the wealthy party-goers of the usually festive St. Tropez? 

The gorgeous detective Gabrielle Poulpe makes it her mission to save the day, as well as the financial security of the town, and find the murderer in their midst. Otherwise, life in this sanctified corner of France could change forever. Can Gabrielle find the suspect before they strike again? St. Tropez is known as the ultimate playground of the rich and famous and thrives on the mega-money spent here, but now, it’s riddled with threats from within which is scaring everyone away… 

Joan Collins has been described as a national treasure in the United Kingdom. She is admired for her wit, cleverness and beauty. Recently elevated to Dame Joan Collins by the Queen, she possesses a singular star quality that has come to define what it means to be a living legend. As an actress, author and producer she has built a career that places her in the unrivaled ranks of an international icon. The St. Tropez Lonely Hearts Club is Joan Collins’ 6th novel to date. It was finished the same week her sister, Jackie Collins, passed away and is dedicated to her adored and loving sister. 

She has appeared in more than sixty feature films, dozens of plays, both in the West End and in the United States, and many television series, including creating the role of Alexis Carrington on Dynasty, one of the most highly rated television dramas of all time. Her novels and memoirs have been bestsellers worldwide. She is a regular diarist for the Spectator and a contributor to the Daily Mail, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, and Harper’s Bazaar. 

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